Girl Ghost

"You're either marvelous or you're boring, regardless of your age."

23 years, living on the mason dixon. trying to heap too much on my plate at any given time. Studying to be a future Social Worker. Working for the weekend.

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Anonymous asked: What's the most attractive thing about a guy?


His sense of humor, his smile, his laugh. Must smell nice, must be 6 ft. or taller to ride this roller-coaster.

Randomly, after two cups of coffee and about a billion episodes of Gilmore girls, I started to feel really scared. I tried my best to talk myself down but I found it too hard. All I could think about was how much I wanted to talk to my mom. I just saw her for lunch and a round of tag team yelling at the sprint guy…but I couldn’t help but miss her. Everything seems possible after I talk to her. I started asking her about her day, how opening a big deal loan went, and other casual stuff…then she said “what’s up?” Crying. Instantly, mostly because I was so relieved to have someone who just understands no matter what. She asked if I wanted to drive over to see her, if being alone was too much…but just talking really stopped what I was scared of. Today was particularly good, I got a new lipstick! Despite speed bumps…everything is okay.

Coffee and chocolate, working on a brand new “for me” blanket. So here’s to my favorite mug and Gilmore girls